9th March 2016

Todays verse: Mark 11:27 – 12:12

The Bibles Authority

Today we meet Jesus as he’s being confronted by the Pharisees. These religious leaders seemed to have it all on the outside, but far from it in reality. The core message of today’s text can be summed up like this: ‘How do I relate to the Word of God and its authority in my life?’.

The religious leaders responded cowardly to the question Jesus asked them – ‘we don’t know’. These people had become to concerned about making Jesus fit their ‘Christian-shape’ rather than being transformed by the renewing of their minds (Rom12:2). This renewing of mind can only happen through God’s Word, and it will make us Christ-like. All of us can be tempted at times to try and shape the way our own walk with Jesus should look like, but at the end it’s only God’s loving kindness that leads to true repentance.

The religious leaders did not accept the word that John the Baptist had been preaching. In fact, he was killed. So why should Jesus say anything more to them? In stead he revealed their evil motives by telling them a story about the unfaithful vineyard tenants – namely them!

This leads us to some challenging questions we can ask ourselves:

  • How do I respond when the Bible challenges me outside my comfort zone? E.g.: saved by grace only, to forgive those who have hurt me, what the Bible say regarding Water Baptism, how do we relate to those that truly suffers in our society/world around us…ect.
  • How do I respond to Jesus’ challenges to me? Do I reject them? Do I just swipe them under the carpet? Or do I embrace them?
  • What is it I need to deal with as I consider the Word of God and how it challenges me?

God is only good!


Morten Kalvø 😀