March 1st, 2016

Todays vers: Mark 9:14-50

Humility and love

Reading this passage in Mark 9, we recognise something that permeates Jesus life, and something that also should characterise us as believers: humility and love.

Jesus exemplifies a humility that was confident and didn’t make excuses. At the same time this humility had a purpose of empowering others. Read Mark 10:45.

This humility arrested some for their lack of faith and helped others grow in their faith. A humility that was aware of what was ahead (the cross, suffering and death), joined with a love that desired for his closest to understand why this needed to happen.

Notice that every time Jesus talks about his death, he also talks about his resurrection. This was on purpose.  It was to remove the shame the disciples could feel watching their leader crucified, and help them in their grief over his death, as he was to rise from the dead the third day. Unfortunately the disciples didn’t see that Jesus warned them about what was to happen, in order for Gods will to come to pass. It is also written that the disciples didn’t even want to ask Jesus about what he meant about this (Mark 9:32).

Despite their failure to understand, Jesus continues to show love and humility towards his disciples. What a joy to know that he still does today. A love and humility so grand, that nailed him to the cross, where he took all our sins and failures, so we now can live in the victory he already won for us.

Let us be followers of Christ that show love and humility to everyone we meet.


Much love
Adrian Westbrook

Prayer points:

  • A renewed passion and revelation from the Word of God
  • Your family and friends
  • Leaders of your church
  • To see people saved and added to the church