March 13th 2016


Todays verses: Mark 14:27-31

Famous verses in today’s reading – and what an atmosphere it creates in the situation we read about. Jesus knew the weaknesses of the flesh – He knew that mankind in themselves cannot deal with spiritual fear, temptations and lust.

It´s pretty awesome that Jesus tells the disciples what is about to happen – and that they will all leave Him – because the Scriptures says so. But then He says that He will go before them to Galilee – after His resurrection.

Peter is as usual quick to answer. He can guarantee that he will never let Jesus down – even if all the others do so. He is secure in his own flesh and he puts his trust in it.

And we know what happens next and we can easy put ourselves into Peter’s situation. How easy it is to put our trust in flesh. And then we fall – and we get disappointed that we could do so. ”How could I do that? Say that? Behave like that?”. But why are we so disappointed about ourselves? Because we easily think that we have the power and the ability to stand out in temptations, in fear, in the hard days.

But Jesus teaches us something very important – as Paul also mentioned several times later – not to put our trust in the flesh. Not put ourselves into situations we think we can handle. Because if you put your trust in the flesh you will be disappointed. Paul even boasts in his weaknesses – because as he said: ”when I am weak – then I am strong!”.

Put your trust in Jesus – He will never disappoint you. He will take you through, take care of you and make a way out of the hard situation, the temptations and the fear.


Confess out loud for yourself: I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!


Have a lovely day!

Runar Andersen