March 12th 2016

Todays chapter: John 14

We have an opportunity every morning to wake up and be thankful, that in the midst of a chaotic morning getting ready to work, kids, school or even not having to do anything during the day we get to choose to glorify God.

Today we are focusing in John 14 where it opens and closes the chapter with a loving warning from Jesus. “Let not your heart be troubled” (John 14:1, 27). Seriously what a statement to our lives.

Jesus knew what he was saying, it was not a surprise that the disciples were troubled. Jesus had told them that one of them was going to betray Him and then he warned Peter that he was going to deny Him three times. (John 13:36-38) Peter even said so confident: “I will lay down my life for you”. (He ended up denying Jesus)

Peter did not know his own heart, neither do we know our hearts, the only thing we know for sure is that our hearts easily becomes troubled.

I think one of the most challenging thing for the disciples was the fact that Jesus was going to leave them (John 13:33) They had questions, they were confused, they didn’t know what to do without Jesus. Imagine they thought they were going to be by themselves. Maybe they thought no more powerful miracles, no more parables, no more Jesus. OMG I would’ve freaked out too.

Jesus as always was able to calm their hearts. He gave them six assurances to lay hold of, assurances that helps us as Christians today to not let our hearts be troubled.

  1. You are going to heaven – John 13:36 – 14: 6
  2. You know the Father – John 14: 11- 17
  3. You have the privilege of Prayer – John 14: 12-15
  4. We have the Holy Spirit – John 14: 16-18
  5. We experience the Father’s love – John 14: 19:24
  6. You have the gift of Peace – John 14: 25-31

May these promises comfort your heart today, and give you hope that God is by your side 😉


God bless you

Morten Kalvø