March 14th 2016

Todays verses: John 14: 15-31

You have recieved a Helper

Wonderful scriptures we can read today – that reminds us of that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Jesus constantly reminded his diciples why He had arrived. That He would die for the sins of the world and raise again. But Jesus also wanted to assure His diciples that they would not be left alone as fatherless. I WILL COME TO YOU – He said.

We have recieved The Holy Spirit – and He lives in us – in all those who believe in Jesus. The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit is One. That is why Jesus said that He will come to us. When The Holy Spirit lives inside of us – Jesus lives in us! And when you have recieved The Holy Spirit – Jesus say in verse 16 that He will abide in us FOREVER! WOW!

You do not have to be afraid that you will loose The Holy Spirit. In the old covenant The Holy Spirit would come and leave – based on the lifestyle and doings of the king or the prophet – that usually were the ones that had The Spirit. But Jesus says that The Holy Spirit has comed to be with us FOREVER!

Jesus goes on saying in verse 26 that The Holy Spirit will teach us about all things – and remind us of what He said. The Holy Spirit is not in you to remind you of sins and your wrong-doings. No, the Spirit is inside of you to remind you that you are the rightsessnous in Christ – and to lead you on the path He has for you.

And finally – known verses – the peace of God, that Jesus has given us. The word given (leave with you) here is about heirship. Your inheritance in Christ that Jesus has given to all believers. You can choose by yourself if you want to make use of your inheritance or not – but make use of it today! Let not your heart be troubled – neither let it be afraid.

You have been given a helper – an advocate – a speaker on your behalf – The Holy Spirit. Jesus told the diciples to rejoyce that He would og away and send the Helper. Because then Jesus can be as near as it is possible to be – inside of you!

Have a blessed day in His presence – and a wonderfull week!

Runar Andersen