March 16. 2016

Todays verse: John 15:17-28


When the world hates you

We are on a mission! Verse 19 says: ‘I chose you to come out of the world…’. Our mission has been entrusted to us by God the Almighty; creator of heaven and earth. It’s He that holds the universe in His hands…WOW!


This is a great task – both important and unique: ’Go and make disciples of all the nations…’ Mat 28:18-20. It will cost us EVERYTHING!

Everyone that is on a mission will experience some kind of opposition. We will definitely do so. Our opponent is the Devil. In Spanish they call him ‘El Diablo’. Say that a few times with passion and you know that here comes trouble. The bible compares him to a roaring lion (1 Pet 5:8). Because of this Jesus prepares us for hard times. We will meet people that hates us because of the one we represent.

But the one who is in us, Jesus, is greater that the one who is in the world, the devil. People will hate us because they don’t yet know the good God we serve. Cause when our neighbors, work colleagues and those at our school really gets to know Jesus – everything changes. This is our MISSION! By the help from the Holy Spirit we can face yet another day with boldness and power.

How can I ask the Holy Spirit to help me today accomplishing the mission God has entrusted to me?


God bless

Morten Kalvø