March 17. 2016

Todays verse: John 16:1-15.


In John chapter 16 we can read about Jesus sharing the message of the coming of The Holy Spirit. As we read on we can see how Jesus explains why this is and what it means. Imagine the sorrow His disciples must have felt when He told them he would soon ascend to His father in heaven. However, as Jesus tend to do, He turns their sorrow into Joy (Psalm 30:11). Jesus is talking about some of the works of The Holy Spirit. He says that The Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, or show the world what sin is. How great is it to know that it is not our job to convict the world of sin. When we lead someone to Christ, we can bring the, to Christ just the way they are. We do not need to change them, or judge them or tell them what they must stop doing before they can become a Christian. It is The Holy Spirit’s assignment to convict the world of sin.

I think this is an amazing scripture about the importance of The Holy Spirit in our walk with Jesus.

It is an enormous joy to know that The Holy Spirit is functioning in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit can reveal to us the glorious truths of God to us. The things in the bible that we may find difficult to comprehend are things that The Holy Spirit can reveal to us. Thank you Jesus for the Advocate, The Spirit of Truth, The Holy Spirit. I want to encourage you today to thank God for The Holy Spirit.

Ask The Holy Spirit give you encouragement, comfort, guidance, revelation and a sense of God’s love and presence in Jesus name


Kristoffer Engeli Godø.