March 19, 2016

Todays chapter: John 17

Here Jesus have just finished his last sermon before the cross. Jesus had begun teaching how we are to serve and love one another, and how he is the way, truth and life. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit and to give us his unprecedented peace. Jesus taught about being one with him, (the true vine), persecution, and how sorrow will turn into joy. Jesus repeated the promise to send The Holy Spirit before he concludes with our victory over the world. Jesus’s work is completed and Jesus preaches his last sermon to prepare his disciples for a paradigm shift. Jesus will no longer be physically around them. Jesus ends his sermon by praying in the disciples’ presence.

Jesus’ prayer consists of three parts: Prayer for himself, for the 11 disciples and for all believers. The book of Hebrews mentions that Jesus intercedes for us in heaven and John 17 gives a little insight into it. We will look at the part that applies to us.

Jesus prays for us all to be one with each other, as God the Father and the Son are one, with and in one another. Likewise, we are to be one with God. Further Jesus teaches that he has given us his glory, which we have received from the Father. Why? – For us to be one! One with each other, one with Jesus and that God the Father may be one with us in Jesus. So that the world will know, that God the Father has sent Jesus. Moreover, that God loves humanity in the same way he loves Jesus, and he wants to be one with us. Let The Holy Spirit detonate this truth in your mind: God loves you so much that Jesus gives you his and the Father’s glory, that you may be one with Jesus and our Father in heaven. You are to be one with your brothers and sisters by faith, as God the Father and Jesus are one.


Ronnie Fagervoll