March 20. 2016

 Todays verses: Mark 14:1-16 and 26 – 42.


In Mark chapter 14 we can read a lot a Jesus’ kindness towards us. In this devotional vi will focus on the second part of the chapter from the reading plan (verse 26-42).

There are two events that occur here. Firstly, we see how Jesus reveals to Peter that Peter will deny Jesus. Peter obviously refuses to believe this. What is so amazing about this is that even though Jesus knew this about Peter, it did not affect the love Jesus had for Peter. Jesus knew Peter better than Peter knew himself.

We as humans may have a “mask” to cover up our weaknesses, but Jesus, knowing all our weaknesses, loves us so incredibly much! The One who knows us best, loves us the most!

Secondly, we see Jesus in Gethsemane. I spoke to a man who once had an accident and broke his neck. It paralyzed him from his chest down, with limited movability in his arms. Shortly after this he experienced many people praying for him, yet he was not healed. After a while he began to accept that he probably would remain paralyzed for the rest of his life. He then described how he experienced reading about Jesus in Gethsemane. Notice how Jesus is praying to His Father, asking Him to be relieved from what He soon must go through. Still, Jesus was not granted the answer that he probably felt that He needed. He asked for God’s will to happen. What an encouragement this should be to us! If we have ever felt discouraged or disappointed when we have not had our prayers answered the way we expected, we can remember that Jesus had a very strong experience of this as well. We can be reminded that God has the best in mind for us, even though it may not always feel this way.


My prayer today is that we may trust God and His will for our lives. Let us give thanks to Jesus for knowing us better than anyone, and yet loving us more than anyone! Let us thank Him for giving us strength in all our tests and trials, because he has experienced what it feels like to be tested.


God bless you in Jesus name.


Kristoffer E. Godø.