24th of March


Todays chapter: Psalm 22


The moment the world was waiting for


Throughout the Old Testament we find promises about a messiah who would come and make a way for our world to experience salvation. Jesus crucifixion and resurrection was the moment the world was waiting for. Today we read Psalm 22 writing by David as a prophecy thousands of years earlier about the cross. This psalm together with Isaiah 53 are two of the best known prophecies about this moment the world was waiting for and describes what Jesus had to go through so that we could be saved.

There are at least four things that David prophecies about in this psalm that happen to Jesus.

  1. Veres 1 – He was forsaken by God
  2. Verse 7 & 8 – He was mocked by people
  3. Vers 16 – His hands and feet where pierced
  4. Verse 18- They through lots (dice) for his clothing

Isn’t this amazing? A man a thousand years earlier knew exactly what needed to happen so that we could experience salvation. Not only that Jesus used the exact words David wrote in verse one as he hang on the cross «My God, my God why have you forsaken me?»

What is interesting with this psalm is that the resurrection of the messiah is also clearly recognised between the ending of the prayer in verse 21 and the start of the praise in verse 22.

In suffering the saviour prays for freedom from the mouth of the lion. This is a metaphor for satan. Straight after this desperate prayer comes a song of worship and thanks to God for hearing his prayer and setting him free. This is a worship song to our risen messiah – Jesus Christ.

Jesus died in our place so that we can be free from the mouth of the lion. Free from the power of sin and its consequences, free from the weapons that satan would try to use against us.  This psalm once again reminds us of the great price that Jesus paid for our freedom and the power that we can experience through his resurrection.