26th March


Todays verses: Luke 24:1-48


They didn’t recognize him

On the road to Emmaus two disciples experienced something that would change their lives forever. We know the name of just one of these men – Kelopas the other man are we unsure of. But I wonder why they were leaving Jerusalem? Could it be that they were on their way home to Galilee with broken hearts and thoughts of giving on all they had learnt from Jesus? It seem that they left the place without telling anyone and maybe on their way they started talking the crazy experience they had that morning when Mary Magdalene came and told them that Jesus was no longer in the grave.

Maybe everything just became too much for them and they decided to go back home in peace? But while they are walking they cannot help but talk about all that had happened.

Then all of a sudden a third shadow gets closer to theirs. «Have we been so deep in conversation that we haven’t noticed this person behind us,» they must of thought? You have by now read the rest of the story in Luke 24 and know that this meeting with Jesus changes their lives forever.

An important thing to remember is that those who search after Christ will find him, he will reveal himself to those who ask and give wisdom and understanding to those who long to know him more.

Could it be that we are so busy with our daily lives that we are missing out on the truth that Jesus is with us? Could it be that we are like to two disciples on the road to Emmaus who are so distracted by what is happening around them that we don’t recognise who is with us.

Let our eyes be open so we can recognize that Jesus is with us in our day-to-day life.


Much love


Adrian Westbrook