28th march


Todays chapter: John 21


The miracle day is here – Its time to party


Easter is here and this is a day to celebrate! We celebrate that Jesus has won for us victory over sin and the power of death. We celebrate with shouts of joy and dancing! That is if we wont to celebrate the way the bible teaches us.. This is not a day to be sad that Jesus had to die for you. It’s a day to celebrate all that he has won for us.

The miracle day is here! The grave is empty! Jesus is alive and death has been defeated! We have a great reason to celebrate and should not hold back. Don’t let this day pass you by without coming together with other believers and celebrating what Jesus has won for you. If there is one day in the year that we should have a party in church it is today, Easter Sunday!

It is because of what Jesus has done for us that we can live free. So if you are in a cabin in the mountains pack your things and get home to your church. You can not miss out on your opportunity to celebrate Jesus together with your extended family the church. While you are sitting in your car on your way home from the mountains you can listen to todays reading John 21.

Isn’t it interesting that John choses to finish his book with a story from the sea of galilee? (The sea of Tiberias is what we call the sea of galilee today, which is really a lake not an ocean)

I like to call the place the lake of miracles. It is on this “sea” Jesus walked on water, he stilled the storm and twice his disciples experienced a miracle catch of fish. On this day Peter also experiences a miracle that changes his life forever. He experiences the miracle of forgiveness that Jesus won on the cross for us. After denying Jesus three times before the crucifixion he gets a new chance to declare his love for Jesus. Jesus gives him a new chance and he also confirms the call peter has over his life to be the leader of a new kingdom here on earth, the kingdom of God, his church. Our God is a god full of love, grace and forgiveness. Embrace this today!

Our hope is that through the last 30 days of reading the bible together you have experienced a new passion for the bible and spending time with our saviour Jesus. Let this be a new start to a life giving habit in your walk with God. There are many good reading plans on the bible app youversion or on bible.com. Take some time today to start a new plan that will help you grow in your walk with God.


PS! Remember today is a day to celebrate!! Jesus is alive and has given us victory over the power of sin and death! Celebrate!!


Much love

Adrian Westbrook