March 3rd, 2016

Jesus was present in the moment

Todays chapter: Luke 19


Through chapter 19 we follow Jesus through different situations. We read about his encounter with Zaccheus. We watch him encounter a large crowd, he enters Jerusalem and is worshiped as a King. The chapter ends describing his grief over Jerusalem, and that the temple had been turned into a market place rather than a place to pray and seek God.

Through all this, there are several things we could look closer at, but one thing that clearly stands out, is the fact that Jesus is present in the moment. He is living in the now, and at the same time everything he does is preparing for what is to come. He could have walked past Zaccheus who was sitting in the tree. He was probably busy and on his way to someone or somewhere else. But he stopped, and as Jesus is present in that moment, the encounter with Jesus changes Zaccheus life.

When Jesus enters Jerusalem, it caused chaos. In Matthew 21.10 it says that the whole city was shaken or in uproar. This word is also used to describe an earthquake, something that tells us that this had huge consequences for everyone that was there.

Many people took off their robes and spread them out on the road. They chose to be there and be present as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. The disciples loudly expressed their worship, even if it caused some people to react negatively (v.39).

I want to encourage you: Be present in the moment. Express your worship loudly to Jesus.  In your workplace, in your home, with your family and in your church.

Grab hold of the opportunity to encourage someone. Lean forward and lean in. Can you stop under someone’s tree today, and be part of seeing lives changed as you allow the example of Jesus and his love to work through you?


Have a blessed day!

Trine Westbrook