7th of March.

Todays verse: Mark 14:1 – 21

The man who lent out a house.

Today I have chosen to use a section from the book “De som så Ham” ( “Those who saw Him. 40 easter reflections by Jostein Ørum”) My hope is that you will reflect on what is written and attempt to place yourself in the shoes of the man who lent out his own house. And think about how you can apply this in your life.

Much love — Adrian Westbrook


“Something within me envied the twelve.

Sometimes I wish I were one of them. Something about them makes me want to get away from my everyday life here in Jerusalem.

They were fishermen. At least many of them were. Rumour has it that Jesus surprised them one day at the beach when they were taking care of their nets.

There, He supposedly came over to them and asked them to follow Him. And they just followed Him. They just left their nets and followed a man they did not know.

Come, He said. So they came.

After this, the stories have gone before them. About how the twelve have walked through the land with the Master. About the amazing things Jesus has said and done. About wonders and miracle stories. About the twelve always being there.

Even some of the unbelievable miracles Jesus does, they can do as well. But what really made me want to be like them was the freedom and the courage. That they just went along when He called them. That nothing would hold them back. That could not have been me.

They did not live in the city, like me. But were they home owners? Did they have a family? What did they leave behind?

Sometimes I think about everything they must have experienced over these years. What they have seen, what they have done. The other day I even heard someone say that Jesus will build His kingdom on these twelve men. What Kingdom might that be?

But then, suddenly, can Jesus borrow my house tonight? They asked me.

He wants to come in. To me, to my house!

All my struggles, everything that held me back, He is asking for it.

He wants to use it.”