We are so thankful that you will join us the next 30 days as we together focus on Easter.

In Norway we do have many great Easter traditions, and for many of us they include Kvikk lunsj (chocolate), Easter crime book, skiing and oranges. Our desire as a church is to create a new tradition that is held higher than all these other great traditions, that Easter is the biggest celebration we have through out the year.
The devotional ” For God so loved the world” is short devotionals where we together focus on the message of Easter and how it effects our lives.

A scripture we have as a theme throughout this year in Agapekirka is Psalm 119:105, which says: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. We believe that through these next 30 days, the word of God will give us a new passion for the biggest celebration of the year; Easter.

As a church, we want Easter to be a real party! A celebration because Jesus won the victory over death, and took all our disease, and at the same time made it possible for us to have a close relationship with God.

Jesus is the image of the invisible God. He shows Gods love to humanity, and the grace that is found in God, he shows us the kind of life God wants us to live.

Start every day reading the given scriptures before you read the devotional written related to the reading. Feel free to write down your thoughts from what you read. We believe God will reveal new things from his word to you.

You will also find 4 prayer points we will focus on the next 30 days. These will be included in the devotional every day. Please join us in prayer that God will answer these.

We look forward to journey through the message of Easter with you!

Much Love

Adrian and Trine Westbrook
Lead Pastors Agapekirka