I have a confession to make; I love Mcdonald’s. Don’t judge me, I know I shouldn’t. I have heard a thousand times from a myriad of voices “Mark its not good for you”. Yet even though I know I should be choosing a chicken salad I love a good Big Mac. You see, what I love about the Big Mac is the sauce, that sauce for me makes the whole burger. I would go as far as to say the burger without the sauce is just wrong. They belong together like cheese and ham, coffee and coffee, cream and strawberries.

Imagine church is a burger, the meat is the sunday service. This is where we eat the Word, listen to Jesus through his Word, being strengthened in our walk with Christ.

But we need the sauce. And the sauce is our connect groups, this is what makes it work.
There are two wings in our church, the wing of the sunday service and the wing of groups.
We need both wings to be able to fly.
Connect groups are our secret sauce, it helps us to take the meat and give it some feet.

We want these two to work together, and that is why we use sundays sermon in our groups. We want there to be a connection between our sunday and our groups. This gives both areas great momentum. Here are some of the benefits of using sermons in groups.

1. I need to be at church on Sunday!

If you are using the sermon as the subject, the theme, you know as someone going in that group I need to listen to my pastor on sunday. As a pastor the motivation isn’t that I want everyone to listen to me, I want everyone to listen to the Word. I believe we need the word of God if we are to sustain a strong walk with Christ. I need to read it daily, but I also need to sit under Christ exalting, spirit filled teaching.

2. There is strength in unity!

When the whole church from grandad Bob to the 15 year old high school student is talking about the same stuff, working through the applications of the message, sharing struggles, answering questions and praying for one another. it brings so much strength. There is a direction and focus in the church that can otherwise be missing. I am not saying it’s the only way, but it certainly helps.

3. We want disciples!

We want to be disciples of Christ. Discipleship is not a trendy word, but it’s a word that Jesus loved and commanded the church to do and make. When we take the teaching of the Word seriously and place it in the groups, we are saying we want disciples. Jesus linked teaching and discipleship together. Teaching starts the process of discipleship, but if your are like me I have forgotten half the message by the time I’ve come to the carpark. But I want what I have just heard to go deep and impact my life. I want my family, wife, friends to see Christ working in my life. I need my group to help me remember what I heard, to discuss its relevance and encourage me to keep on going.

Of course this process isn’t limited to when we come together as a group. Jesus spoke discipleship over a good dinner, a late night hangout and a falafel over lunch.

Source: Mark Wootton Blog

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